Strength and Conditioning


“I felt that I had hit a bit of a plateau in my running, which led me to contact Lianne. She explained that we will build a programme that will work on my range of motion, strength and conditioning as well as flexibility – all the stuff that runners should do, but generally don’t.
My results speak for themselves as I have set PBs at one mile, 5k, 5 miles 10k and half marathon since working with her. I don’t fade towards the end of races and my ability to maintain hard pace has increased.
Crucially all this work on form, core-strength and range of motion increases my chances of being able to enjoy my hobby for many years to come”

Gus Thomson, Local club runner


What is Strength and Conditioning?

The main aims of Strength and Conditioning are:

  • to have the robustness to undergo the volume and intensity of your sport and its training whilst staying injury free
  • to improve on both your strengths and weaknesses which will improve your sporting performance.

Strength and Conditioning is a discipline that is a relatively new concept to some people in the sporting world, even though elite athletes have been undergoing it for years. Some people simply refer to Strength and Conditioning as “gym work” or “weights” however it is not that simple. It is a science. It involves the entire development of a sports person or athlete to become faster, stronger and more powerful for their chosen sport. This is done through different categories of applied training such as plyometrics, speed and agility, energy systems, balance and core stability. All whilst keeping the athlete injury free, maintaining flexibility and range of motion.