About Us

Lianne Oldale is the founder of SportsPrep, and is dedicated to helping you reach your sports and fitness goals!

With over ten years of experience in sports and fitness Lianne has worked at a number of major sporting establishments including: Sheffield United FC, Nike Sparq, professional and amateur boxing, Paralympic and Olympic medal winners and many more. She has worked with both adults and children, able bodied and disabled, from grassroots to elite athletes. With this experience comes top qualifications, ranging from a MSc to a spinning instructor. It is this scientific underpinning which makes us confident that no matter your current level of  health or fitness, strength, speed or power we can help you!

Lianne has helped numerous clients lose and gain weight, improve at a sport, become stronger, sleep better, work better, ease pain..the list goes on. This is and has been achieved through setting realistic short term goals that are maintainable. This then equates to the bigger picture: a healthier, happier version of you!

The option is yours, work out in a private gym that is available any hour of the day…or night! We can visit you at your home, your work or your own gym.