Sports Massage


“Being an athlete means as well as training smart, you must recover smart. Through staying injury free creates longevity in my sport. I see Lianne for Sports massage, she releases knots and tightness, so that after a series of training sessions I wake up in the morning feeling like I haven’t trained or even thrown a punch”

Anthony Joshua MBE, Olympic gold medallist, Professional Heavyweight Boxer

What is Sports Massage?

The main aim of a sports massage is to relieve stress, tension and knots that build within the muscles and soft tissues due to physical activity such as sport and exercise. This tension can also build from repetitive motions at work or home and incorrect posture. These areas of tension can go unnoticed for a length of time but generally manifest into pain and tightness in previously unaffected areas due to compensation.

If used correctly, it can help prevent a range of injuries by maintaining correct muscle form and restoring general balance throughout healthy muscles.

Sports massage is generally a lot deeper and more intense in comparison to some mainstream massage techniques such as Swedish or aromatherapy. It involves soft tissue manipulation: various forms including friction trigger point, stretching and toning to name a few. These techniques help massively with flexibility and range of motion.

Through these hands on techniques, experience, knowledge and supporting aftercare, a complete treatment plan devised, this would be specific to the sport or movement the customer regularly participates in, as certain sports and movements apply pressure to specific areas and muscle groups. Included in this could be various strength and conditioning exercises to reduce the chance of the problem reoccurring.